Press Releases

1st august 2023 - Publication of a research article on the potential use of a tablet-based dexterity evaluation for detection of early psychosis

25th july 2023 - Publication of a clinical randomized control trial demonstrating hand function improvement effect of a rehabilitation protocol using the Manipulandum in stroke patients.

31st may 2023 - Dextrain expands the Manipulandum app with six new exercises for even more complete dexterity rehabilitation

12th may 2023 - Dextrain announces that its Manipulandum has obtained certification as a Medical Device (MD). This rehabilitation system has been adopted by 10 healthcare institutions and research organizations, allowing more than a hundred patients to benefit from its benefits.

19th december 2022 - Dextrain starts its Haptics project, winner of a funding from the French National Research Agency (ANR). This ambitious project aims to combine haptics with Manipulandum to evaluate and train the tactile sensitivity of fingers.

20th june 2022 - Dextrain creates a partnership with the Ramsay Santé Provence Bourbonne clinic to deploy the S’TIM software, an innovation in neurological rehabilitation

8th december 2021 - Dextrain integrates iPEPS - The Healthtech Hub, the Brain Institute's startup incubator

29th september 2021 - Dextrain will participate in Rééduca 2021, the meeting place for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, from September 30 to October 2, 2021, at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center (Pav4, stand G61). On this occasion, the company will present to healthcare professionals its innovative solutions for the rehabilitation of manual dexterity resulting: the Dextrain Manipulandum and the Dextrain Home Care tablet.

17th june 2021 - Dextrain reports the creation of its Scientific Committee

3rd june 2021 - Dextrain, transforming neuro-rehabilitation of post-stroke patients  


After less than a year of existence, Dextrain has already been recognized for its innovative character by rehabilitation professionals, winning successively the Rééduca Innov' Award at the Rééduca in Paris and the Innovation Handicap Award awarded by Thuasne at the 36th SOFMER Congress in Lille.

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