Scientific advisory board: 

Pavel Lindberg (Institute of Neuroscience and Psychiatry of Paris, Inserm)

Pr Marie-Odile Krebs (GHU Sainte-Anne, Paris)

Pr Joël Belmin (CHU Charles-Foix)

Pr Yves Vandermeeren (Université Louvain/CHU Namur, Belgique)

Pr Charlotte Rosso (Neurologie, ICM Paris)

Pr Friedhelm Hummel (Neurologie, EPFL Geneva)

Pr Susanne Palmcrantz (physiotherapy, KI Stockholm)

Pr Yves Vandermeeren (Neurologie, UCL Namur)

Research collaborations: 

Stroke: study evaluating efficacy of Dextrain training to improve hand function after stroke incollaboration with following hospitals: Pr Jean-Louis Mas, GHU Sainte-Anne (Paris), Pr Charlotte Rosso, CHU Sal-Petrière (Paris), Dr Florence Colle, Saint-Maurice (Paris).

Hand dystonia: study describing manual dexterity impairments in writer’s cramp in collaboration with Jean-Pierre Bleton (and Neurologist Sangla), Fondation Rothschild (Paris). 

Schizophrenia: PsyCare study evaluating neurological soft signs for prediction of psychosis development in neurodevelopmental disorders with Pr Marie-Odile Krebs (GHU Sainte-Annne) 

Alzheimer’s disease: study on use of manual dexterity as clinical marker for early detection of mild cognitive impairment and prediction of development of Alzheimer’s disease

(future collaborations: Bilbao (MS), Stockholm (Stroke and brain injury), CHU-UCL Namur (Pr Vandermeeren)… Leeanne Carey?? (Australia)

Studies have been financed by Erganeo, Fondation pour la Recherche sur les AVC



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